Siberia. In the Baikal land of the Buriats. [in English]
MULTICO Publishing House Ltd. 2001.

Contains over 200 photographs in 7 chapters:

  • On Buryat trails
  • Lake Baikal
  • The mountains
  • The taiga
  • Herdsmen and hunters
  • The countryside
  • Religion

  • Trans-Siberian trail. Part II - Lake Baikal. Bezdroża 2002, [in Polish].
    Baikal. The Sea of Siberia. Bezdroża 2000, [in Polish].
    The first Polish guidebook about the Baikal region.

    Travel magazine PODRÓŻE [in Polish]:
  • Adventures of marmot researchers (Olympic Peninsula, USA), Nr. 10, 2005.
  • Magic mountains (Carpathian Mountains of southern Ukraine), Nr. 11, 2004.
  • Canada - the land of happy visitors (Canadian Rocky Mountains), Nr. 5, 2003.
  • Four seasons of Baikal (Lake Baikal, Russia), Nr. 4, 2002.

  •       Our photographs and articles have also been published in several other magazines and books in Poland and abroad.
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